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According to internal NSA documents from the Edward Snowden archive that SPIEGEL has been granted access to, the US intelligence service doesn't just bug embassies and access data from undersea cables to gain information.The NSA is also extremely interested in that new form of communication which has experienced such breathtaking success in recent years: smartphones."Starbucks expects to introduce a complete update to the Starbucks for Android app, including a digital tipping feature, later this year." Should you get it?The perks associated with the Starbucks Rewards program, bevy of promotions and the convenience this app brings to my everyday routine, place it in my top 5 most used apps.It has developed the ability to hack into i Phones, android devices and even the Black Berry, previously believed to be particularly secure.Michael Hayden has an interesting story to tell about the i Phone.As an avid Starbucks coffee drinker, and supreme embracer of the companys mobile features, I was in position to review Starbucks new mobile app last week given its launch on March 19, but the NCAA games lured me away.

Bad News Google has suspended our app so Mobile Hidden Camera is now not available on Google Play.

In Germany, more than 50 percent of all mobile phone users now possess a smartphone; in the UK, the share is two-thirds.

SHEFFIELD, Ohio -- A disturbing video released on Tuesday shows an Ohio lawyer attempting to hypnotize a female client for his own sexual pleasure, according to WJW.

For users who have previously upgraded thru Google Play in-app purchase, but now find MHC reverted to the free LITE edition First, you need to understand when Google took down MHC, they took away your in-app purchases at the same time.

Come on, you have a line, and if you dont, the person behind you likely wishes you did.

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