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My family has been in this town and running this enterprise since the 1700’s. When I was a kid, the whole of what we call the Retail Office was covered in explicitly pornographic images taken from magazines and calendars and glued onto the walls in a kind of collage. One of my earliest memories is trying to explain a certain “nutcracker” to my not yet school aged brother. Anyway, my dad never cared if my brother or I saw this stuff. It makes me uncomfortable in a way I can’t even fully describe. The worst is when I absolutely have to go in their to deliver paperwork or find an employee and someone wants to stop me so we can have a pleasant chat in front of the wall of titties.

I don’t think it traumatized us any; it was just kind of weird. I think girlfriends who demand that their boyfriends give it up are irrational. I love that we run a business where our customers are mostly old family friends who come into the break room to hang out with us and that we’re super casual, but I hate talking to older men when there’s a wall of naked women behind me even though everyone pretty much knows about my orientation, or lack there of, and I don’t think they even think of me as being the same species as the women on the wall.

In order to cement your newfound distrust of conventional wisdom, pick up a copy of Stephen Pinker’s excellent So now you’ve got a solid understanding of the evolutionary origins of human behaviour. A small slice, such as those listed above, are well worth reading. Instead of getting bogged down in endless over-analyzing, read the above sources, pick up a copy of Bang for something written in the 21st century, and then stop reading and go live your life. Hold on to your dick, because now you’re actually going to have to put down the books and do something.

This will come in handy in almost every aspect of your life. We’re going to move on to some actual seduction material. There are literally millions of pages of forum posts and shitty e-books out there filled with pickup lines, routines, tactics, scams, cons, gambits, flim-flams, strategems and bamboozles. We’ve got two days left and no more time for books. Exactly what that “something” is will depend on your goals, but here are a few examples.

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Out of respect for the presenters of papers, I won’t pre-empt publication by giving details.

The other day I watched Van Wilder, a reasonably entertaining comedy about a rich guy who postpones graduating from college because he just loves it so much.

This won’t be a blog post about the plot of that movie, albeit I was quite surprised about how many non-politically correct jokes there were.

You’re free to pass them around and do NON-commercial adaptations without asking, as long as I get credited, and as long as you link back to my site and indicate if any changes were made to the content.

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