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Some have vilified the French app for being a stalker's dream.

After all, Happn helps you track down strangers whom you've walked past, or queued for a coffee behind at Pret.

The travelling shop, which will be open in Paris for the next ten days before going to Brussels, Lausanne, Toulouse and Lyon, is showcasing single guys by putting them on display inside human-sized toy boxes.

Olivier trusts me, and we both trust our friend(s), who would never make a pass at me.

This produces an amazing mixture of French and German culture.

If you need delicious food, with a flair that no other city can provide then this is most likely the idea city for you.

Oui, il courtise, le temps d’un instant, pour vous des profils de célibataires que vous lui communiquerez selon vos exigences.

En général pour une sélection de 12 célibataires, votre dating assistant parviendra à ouvrir la conversation avec 4 à 8 d’entre eux/elles.

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