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So I toned it down with a very soft, subtle gray color…

It works on all types of brick (even if previously painted! For less than a square foot you can lighten and brighten your home and get the results that professional painters charge 00’s of dollars to achieve.If you follow Remodelaholic on Facebook (and you should!), you’ve probably seen several of the reader questions that are submitted every month.Contrary to what most men think, painting brick really doesn’t upset the balance of the universe. of painting brick is just intimidating for lots of people, but there’s really nothing difficult about it.Calamity won’t befall your family because you’ve upset the gods of home and (brick) hearth. And yes, it is true that once brick is painted, it really can’t be undone without hours and hours (possibly days and days) of tedious and frustrating work (and even then, the likelihood of you getting all of the paint off is probably somewhere around 0.0025%, and that’s if you’re having a really great day where everything is going your way).

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