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Out: USA Network Staple to Conclude in March After 8 Seasons, With Answer-Filled Finale It took him 30 minutes and an entire murder investigation to finally muster up the courage to tell Gus he was moving to San Francisco with Juliet, and even then, he couldn’t do it in person.He broke the news in the form of a DVD recording, which is pretty much the friendship equivalent of breaking up with someone in a text message.Most of us want to know the pros and cons of cloning, its advantages and its potential risks to mankind. Cloning finds applications in genetic fingerprinting, amplification of DNA and alteration of the genetic makeup of organisms.It can be used to bring about desired changes in the genetic makeup of individuals thereby introducing positive traits in them, as also for the elimination of negative traits.In a TV landscape littered with human interactions that are confrontational, violent, sexual or all of the above, stories focusing on true platonic friendship are increasingly rare.And even where they exist, people often feel the need to embellish, as if calling a strong, loyal friendship a “bromance” somehow makes it more interesting.“What gave us a lot of the latitude that we had,” says Roday, sitting at lunch with Zap2it, in the company of series creator Steve Franks, “was the seed of childhood best friends.

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Have you always wanted to be tied up like The Dukes of Hazzard, or Supernatural's Winchester brothers?Are you interested in understanding the pros and cons of cloning?When Dolly, the first cloned sheep came in the news, cloning interested the masses.Just a heads up, if you were thinking this was going to be one of those posts that idolizes “blue-eyed soul singers” or says folks are out here trying to “sound black” (as if there’s one way to sound black), you’re mistaken.This is a list about a few individuals with voices that we accidentally assumed at one point and time belonged to black people.

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