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As it says on our About page: Whenever we would get together with our friends for dinner, we found that the topic of dating was always the most interesting and popular to come up.

(That, plus we were too lazy to remove it.) Welcome to Dating Thoughts.com, a resource created by several professionals in their early thirties who live in the San Francisco Bay Area, California.

Held in the Stellenbosch School Library, we had some 70 girls show up to receive Godly advice on relationships.

The venue was transformed into six separate stations, namely: the Single Station, the Dating Station, the ‘It’s Complicated’ Station, the Marriage Station, the Sex Station and the Healing Station.

Even for families who don’t have any moral or religious convictions when it comes to premarital sex, I would Because teenage sex poses a potential hazard to my children’s physical and emotional wellbeing, as a parent I clearly communicate those risks and hope that my kids ultimately make wise decisions when it comes to physical intimacy.

What I will not endure anymore, however, is a man that doesn’t plan. At the very least, we thought it would be entertaining.

Once welcomed, the girls were given the opportunity to sit in on their top four preferred stations for 2o minute slots in which they were ministered to about the various topics.

We were blessed to have some older women from the community come and share their experiences and knowledge in the area of relationships and many girls were hugely touched by this special impartation.

I endure all of this for the potential stomach butterfly on a first date. He has become an “TBD” in my outlook calendar – moving in a shuffle with the rest of the things I have to write down so I remember to pay attention to them. Thus, the idea behind Dating was born: What if we created a blog-style website where we all would contribute these ‘thoughts’ so we can share them with each other and the world?

We would always have funny or strange stories to tell, lessons learned, and, of course, lots theories on dating that we would develop as we negotiated the dating scene in our search for ”the one.” We also found that most us kept personal blogs or private journals where we often write about our thoughts on dating.

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