Is channing tatum and jenna dewan dating american dating south korea

It’s hard to imagine a time before Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum were a unit. Between their epic movie, Step Up, their relationship goals-worthy dance moves, and their adorable daughter Everly, these two come as a package deal. Dancer and actress Jenna Dewan Tatum sat down with Ellen De Generes and dished about how she and her movie star husband, Channing Tatum, made their relationship official back when they first met on the set of .According to Dewan Tatum, her husband was not ready to commit to her right off the bat.She let him know the he could be free and date other women; however, she was not going to continue hanging out with him if he decided not to commit.In other words, she gave Tatum an ultimatum to bait him, because she wanted to date him.

They try on goofy costumes and respond to fellow celebs' threesome requests.

So, he comes to my hotel room at 2 a.m., and he's banging on the door. ' And I go and open the door--he's going to kill me--and he has on underwear, a sombrero, and Ugg boots, and he's like, 'Let's do this.' to share the sidesplitting story, and we are delighted she did because she had us in stitches laughing.

The 36-year-old mom of Everly Tatum did not end the story at the sombrero and Ugg boots.

From there, the lovebirds' stars began to rise in Hollywood, with Channing pulling in major bank on big budget movies, like the Just because they made it to their happily ever after doesn't mean the rom com story is all over.

The married duo has given us so many #Relationship Goals-worthy moments since.

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