Validating an environmental scan

The commercial real estate market is closely linked to the surrounding society, as commercial buildings have several economic, environmental, political, social and cultural influences.Correspondingly, the surrounding society, its actors and the different forces of change appearing in the market environment also have their own influence on the real estate market environment and its future development.Many environmental factors, especially economical or social factors, play a big role in a company’s decisions, because the analysis and the monitoring of those factors reveal chances and risks for the company’s business.This environmental framework also gives information about location issues.A company is thereby able to determine its location sites.Furthermore, many other strategic decisions are based on this analysis. It is finally the task of the management to adapt the firm to its environment or to influence the environment in an adequate way. There are different instruments to analyze the company’s environment which are going to be explained afterwards.Environmental scans should look for opportunities to collaborate.

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It takes into account the agency’s commitment and ability to use technology across functions and systems.

We computed means, 95% confidence intervals, and t-tests (α = 0.05) for both sets of scores.

Applying the Clifford-Richardson adjustment for spatial autocorrelation, we calculated Spearman's Rank Correlation Coefficients (rho, r) and adjusted p-values to measure the strength of association between the derived scores and original network scores provided by Walk Score®.

The main results indicate that prospector firms scan competitors and technological aspects, and access internal and written-type sources more frequently than the ones that adopt other types of behavior.

How chief executives’ perception of the environment impacts on company performance.

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