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But just because the box office has that one receipt from the ticket I purchased, doesn't mean it represents someone who liked it.

man sends secret admirer e-mails to his crush but an e-mail address mix-up causes the notes to go to the woman's lovelorn coworker instead.

He got an agent and after eight months of looking for work, Flanery began acting in TV commercials and then he got to appear in two multi-part movies on Disney's Mickey Mouse Club: Just Perfect (1990) and My Life as a Babysitter (1990).

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I'm gonna see 'Mission Impossible' Part 9 because I like Tom Cruise movies!Bearing the kind of golden-skinned, blue-eyed handsomeness that often leads to predictions of superstardom, Sean Patrick Flanery has been acting on screens big and small since the 1980s.Born in Lake Charles, Louisiana on October 11, 1965, Flanery was raised in Houston, Texas.While attending Houston's University of Saint Thomas, he decided to take a drama class in the hopes of pursuing a fellow drama student.Flanery's interest in the girl proved fleeting, but the same could not be said of his interest in the theatre: after getting hooked, he packed up and headed out to Los Angeles, where he had an obligatory stint waiting tables before he found an agent.

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