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The Mel (West Atlantic) group consists of the Gola and Kissi, who are believed to be the oldest inhabitants.

The Mande group, made up of Mandingo, Vai, Gbandi, Kpelle, Loma, Mende, Gio, and Mano peoples, is believed to have entered the area from the northern savannahs in the fifteenth century.

Green spoke of having rescued eleven other girls and also being aware of the deaths of two girls as well as the sad report of one being mentally deranged and walking the streets of Beirut.

The situation in Lebanon is not an isolated case, for reports across West Africa speak of several Liberian girls who are gone insane and many others who roam the principal streets of major cities, for ‘what they have not lost.’ Perhaps the Liberian government's lackluster attitude towards returning those girls at risk in Lebanon, many interviewed by the Daily Observer said, is due to the belief here that "no one sent the girls to seek better living conditions abroad," and as a result their fate is in their own hands.

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Although the settlers and their descendants, known as Americo-Liberians, defined the boundaries of the nation-state, made English the official language, and dominated the government and economy for almost one hundred fifty years, they have never constituted as much as 5 percent of the population.With 54 nations in Africa, there is a diverse group of cultures, ethnicities, and yes, beautiful African women.Despite their differences, a common trait shared amongst most African ladies is their exotic brown skin, dark eyes, sexy long legs and luscious lips. I'm independent, well-read, interested in all things, music, dance...curious to learn new things and more about our wonderful world. You have come to the right place - Lets Free Date Free dating service! It is the easiest way to experience real online dating by finding your soul mate. Looking for an easy, fun, and safe way to meet real men or hot women of your dreams? Register at Lets Free Date free dating agency and we will help you to meet singles girls and sexy women, check out their photos and profiles, post your personal ad and upload your photo.

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