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The former The Bill actor, 43, claims he turned down a return to East Enders as bad boy Jack Branning because of the stigma surrounding the soap.The actor said: "I didn't want to go back just 18 months after leaving. It means people in the industry don't see you as an actor, they see you as a commodity."He told the Daily Star: "In the kind of acting I'd like to do people would look at East Enders and say 'you don't want to touch that'."We've all got to pay the bills and work.He portrayed Claude Speed in the live action trailer for Grand Theft Auto 2 in 1999.Maslen was born in Woolwich, London, England on 25 June 1971. He was brought up in Woolwich and signed up to join the Royal Marines with his school friends, Marcus Marnham and Simon Farnham at the age of 16.As a young boy Maslen admired the Royal Marines and attended Bromley Marines Cadets on a Monday and a Thursday at T. He later sustained an injury whilst doing the PRMC (Potential Royal Marines Course), resulting in him not gaining entry to the Recruit training course.He is married to Estelle Maslen (née Rubio), who is the mother of his son Zak Alexander Maslen (born January 2001).enigma Andy the Builder will make a play for Roxy Mitchell next week.

Sadly for Roxy, there's a big obstacle standing in her way as Jack Branning (Scott Maslen) isn't so sure about her reconnecting with Amy so soon after her recent drugs scandal.Jack is the youngest child of Jim and Reenie Branning and brother of Derek, Carol, April, Suzy and Max.Having grown up in a large family in a poor area of East London, Jack regularly fought his older brother, Max, for the attentions of his father who was an alcoholic.When I made a deal to do East Enders that was my choice for my own reasons - for my family, to get a house."The actor's next role is to star opposite Elizabeth Hurley in The Royals, for American channel E! Playing James Holloway, Scott is only in two up-coming episodes but it looks like this is a change he was desperate to make.The star tweeted many pictures of himself from The Royals premiere last month, but none with main-girl Liz.

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