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poolpunk: x Cam_Metal.pbo, x Cam_Atsche: xcam_MCPXXL: xcam_Heros: xcam_t-800a, MCPXXL, Hotzenplotz, Atsche, Sky (xcam_prototype team) Major_Desync, Green Beret40, Aus, Inlesco, James2464, Ice Breakr, 19th Cype Revenge, nomisum, meat147, Kerodan (community team) X-Cam is released under Creative Commons Licence Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0): You may share X-Cam with others as long as you credit the original author.You are NOT permitted to edit, tweak or change the addon in any way without explicit permission from the author.X-Cam is an In Game 3D object placement tool with many different functions.All these functions make it much easier to place objects on any terrain.The origins of Camp X lay in the British drive to maximize support for the war effort from the United States, which was neutral at the time.

t-800a for all Military_* prefabs Object packs (optional): Many thanks to poolpunk for this incredible work!

The almost simultaneous US entry into the Second World War following Pearl Harbor meant that Donovan could openly establish his own schools.

Donovan initially depended on the resources available at Camp X, including its syllabus, which provided the basic template for training American agents.

You can export your work as a terrain builder import file, but also as a mission or script file.

So X-Cam supports both mapmakers, as well as missionmakers.

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