Nyc dating for an affair

My years of New York City dating—if you’re counting, there have been 12—have involved a lot of guys, short- and long- and mid-term. My shortest—minus the one-off hookups that we all know aren’t “dates” at all—was somewhere in the range of two weeks.There have been certifiable crazies, like the Eastern European fellow who broke my bedroom window in a fit of rage and told me not to complain that he’d broken my “fucking window.” There was the Jersey boy who worked in women’s handbags; fond memories involve him drunk-puking at the Hilton, then giggling hysterically, running, and “hiding” our soiled comforter in front of someone else’s door down the hall. There was the dashing Argentinean only in town for a week; the Ronkonkoma deli worker barely old enough to drink; the beleaguered i-banker who came over regularly just to pass out on my couch.There was the super-successful corporate honcho with a cardboard box for a nightstand. And I can’t forget the “totally eligible” magazine editor who moved to the suburbs while we were dating, convinced me to take a bus to visit him, showed off his two-story brick house with granite kitchen counters and an actual backyard, as if knowing it was exactly what I aspired to—and then promptly married someone else.The best friend with whom I had zero sexual attraction. There were men who have dropped me on my head, literally and figuratively. At some point, I yelled at almost all of these men for not being “what I wanted,” and, as we all do, turned to my female friends for consolation and support.“He’s in the throes of some insane midlife crisis, and Angie is fed up.” But a source close to Cotillard denied the Pitt affair rumors and insisted she is still with her long-term partner, French actor and director Guillaume Canet. They have been a couple since 2007 and have one child but have never married,’’ the source said of Cotillard and Canet.

Though her own breakup was a bit more public than most, she thinks people will relate to her story. We think we’re supposed to handle them a certain way, but the truth of the matter is we don’t always handle them the best way.” The new digs Dorfman, who settled in the idyllic West Village (“I loved the fact that just a couple minute walk is the hustle and bustle of the city, but it’s also got a really quiet neighborhood feel.”), calls her decorating style “modern” and says she’s all about clean lines.

“I kind of needed a change, and needed to get out and find myself and get lost at the same time,” she explains.

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But in a nod to her country roots, it’s got “a little bit of rustic to it” too.

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