Allergenic raw materials dating

Refer also to the WARNINGS, PRECAUTIONS, ADVERSE REACTIONS and OVERDOSE Sections for further discussion.

Allergenic extracts are sterile solutions containing the extractables of the source material and components of the extraction fluid. Correlation between skin, inhalation tests and specific Ig E in a study of 120 subjects to house dust and D.

This happens most often with corn but usually the derivative comes from corn sugar not corn protein.

There is a significant difference between the protein and sugar and it is the protein, NOT THE SUGAR, which induces an allergenic response.

Throughout this article I’ve interspersed dates of development and manufacturing capabilities by Lenzing as representative of the historical development and growth of these fibers.

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But then, there’s a reason we’ve been around since 1921.Standardized Cat Hair is available as an extract from acetone precipitated source material in the extraction fluid described below. Cat Hair Source Material consists of hair clippings and/or shavings which have undergone an acetone precipitation process. Most everyone is familiar with rayon (also called viscose). Most people, even those familiar with rayon, don’t realize that all three of these fibers are called “cellulosic fibers” since the natural material that makes up the fiber is cellulose, a component of all plants.The cellulose is often derived from wood which has an average cellulose content of 40%.

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