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Someone who enjoy what they do for a living and is family oriented. Single white female, late 30s, living 35 mins from Portage and Main. Most of my motivations are rooted in my desire to learn more about myself, about life and about others.

I need to meet Hi my name is Annette I have long light brown hair I wiegh between 110 and 115 pounds, my eyes are brown and concider myself not to shabby:) I am very down to earth, say things the way I see it sometimes gets me into to trouble hehe but hey thats me I am a take or leave it kind of person.

This alone makes Winnipeg a special place to meet someone truly right for you – there are a million things to do and see in Winnipeg and it’s no surprise why the city is considered the perfect place to meet people for great friendships and lasting relationships.

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When you come across someone whose goals and interests match with yours, send them a 'wink' to introduce yourself.i am looking for friendship right now but if you are "mr right" then maybe more. I beleive in achieving together as a family not as an individual. Very easy going type of personality, lots of humor, and just want to enjoy life like it was meant to be. I am a quiet person who has often been labeled as shy.Have high gols for my future and plan on achieving all of them. Looking for someone christian minded or a believer. I have an intense curiosity for knowledge, which I use in my quest for understanding. The simple pleasures in life appeal to me the most.Courtenay, British Columbia Phone: 250-334-3234 Toll-free: 1-888-357-4471 Fax: 250-334-4908 Web: between the Beaufort Mountains and the Strait of Georgia, the Comox Valley is a distinctive collection of small communities, farms and forested areas located on the central east coast of Vancouver Island.It contains an endless variety of beaches, mountains, quaint rural attractions and vibrant downtown centres.

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