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The Division of Youth and Family Services may be contacted at the following address and telephone numbers: Division Of Youth & Family Services P.

Some of you have even followed through with subscriptions, which is especially gratifying.

Although individuals may be caught in circumstances beyond their control, they are capable of making change in their lives and being re-directed to more positive behaviors when provided with the tools necessary to do so.

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Vol 1: Scannell's New Jersey's first citizens and state guide ...

The mission of the New Jersey Association on Correction is to Help People with A Past, Build A Future.

To enable social justice and human dignity to be manifest in the policies and institutions governing victims of crime and offenders, as well as individuals in need of social services, through rehabilitative, educational, and legislative programs.

NJAC envisions a world of social equity and the development of just laws that are impartially applied to all people.

NJAC believes that though many people are negatively impacted by social inequities, they have the capacity to make changes in their lives, given the tools and support needed.

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